We are an online student radio that aims at improving Creative art and Campus Journalism. We are developed and guided by journalistic principles in all the stories we do.

We are committed to providing a platform for growing talent through regular sharing of young artists’ works and endorsing them by giving them air time in our shows.

Our main interest is in news stories, creative pieces like poetry, fiction, music from upcoming artists, plays which will be displayed in TCM TV, DJ Mixes which will always be playing on our platform whenever we are offline.

TCM Radio and The Campus Magazine only intends to work with volunteers.

Our shows

Celebrity hustle

A show where upcoming and developed artists tell their stories. Celerity hustle is all about a guest expressing themselves and telling their story in their most appropriate way possible. The

Request hour

Request hour is a period of nonstop music that is being played according to what you are requesting on our social platforms or any of our official communication channels.

Penzi fixx

Relationship issues are among the biggest challenge youths are facing today. In Penzi fixx, we will talk about relationships, bring on board testimonials and also have experts to guide us


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